Inicio Minería Minera IRL retira CEO interino tras acusaciones de irregularidades (Inglés)

Minera IRL retira CEO interino tras acusaciones de irregularidades (Inglés)

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Minera IRL removes interim CEO after allegations of impropriety

25TH AUGUST 2015

( – The board of Latin America-focused gold junior Minera IRL had unanimously voted to remove interim CEO Diego Benavides, the company reported on Monday. The gold junior, which was developing the Ollachea gold project, in Peru, had run into a road block as the local community had suspended its support for the project. Minera was currently investigating allegations of impropriety received through its recently implemented and independently managed whistle-blower hotline. The board’s independent members Doug Jones and Robin Fryer would oversee the investigation. The Ollachea community had raised concerns about the status of the company’s plans to reorganise its management structure and the specific role of certain individuals within the company.

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