Inicio Minería Zincore se retira de la Bolsa de Toronto – TSX (Inglés)

Zincore se retira de la Bolsa de Toronto – TSX (Inglés)

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Jorge Benavides
Jorge Benavides


Vancouver, B.C. March 30, 2015 – Zincore Metals Inc. (TSX and BVL: ZNC) (“Zincore”, the “Company”) reports that its application to voluntarily delist its shares from trading on the TSX and transition to the NEX, as reported March 20, 2015, has been approved. Accordingly, the Company’s shares will commence trading on the NEX at market open on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 under the new symbol “ZNC.H”. The Company’s existing share certificates will continue to represent the shares of the Corporation. The NEX trading platform is a separate board of the TSX-V.

Zincore CEO and President, Jorge Benavides, reiterated his comments from March 20th, reminding investors, “Although the market is not currently recognizing the value of earlier stage projects, the Company still owns and participates in the same projects whether listed on the NEX or TSX and we continue to pursue every avenue to realize value from these assets for our shareholders.”

Zincore shares also currently trade on the Lima Stock Exchange (“BVL”) and the Company understands that one of the conditions of this listing is to maintain a TSX or TSX-V listing. Accordingly, the Company expects that its shares will cease to trade on the BVL approximately 20 working days after delisting from the TSX.

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