, the Agency for the development of , celebrated its 15 years in the emblematic Complex, with the presentation of its annual management report 2018. The ceremony was attended by various authorities, executives and businessmen who shared with the children beneficiaries of the various programs carried out by that entity.

The President of the Board of Directors of , Ganoza, highlighted the corporate organization as the “great manager” of the Water for program, among others achieved in favor of the .

“Improvements in potable water supply and treatment for began to be enjoyed with the voluntary contribution of Yanacocha and continued with additional contributions, but always led by , who has been the great water manager for Cajamarca. Today the major contributions of Minera Yanacocha have been completed, but has not remained immobile and is looking to promote infrastructure works through works by taxes (OxI) and public private associations. This OxI mechanism allows to build medical posts, colleges, roads and infrastructure works using taxes paid by various companies for the construction of them, “said .

He added that the contributions for the sustainable development of Cajamarca also included the creation of credit and savings units, known as “” (in spanish), that promote savings and entrepreneurship and at the same time give chairs of financial practices to the poorest of this peruvian region.

After mentioning other programs developed by ALAC, he stressed that the greatest success has been the human development in which its main axis of action is education. “An example of this was the concerted effort of the private companies of Cajamarca with the regional and local authorities to reverse the anemia, child malnutrition for five years with the Program of Reduction of Chronic Childhood Malnutrition,” PREDECI (in spanish). The results were extremely positive and were transferred to the authorities for continuity”, he said.

“We have worked on improving the quality of education by impacting many schools in the province of Cajamarca, Celendín, Santa Cruz, San Miguel and Hualgayoc, through intervention of schools in close coordination with the UGEL and with a number of institutions such as IPAE, Cayetano Heredia University, entrepreneurs for Education, Enseña Perú and many other institutions, “he said.

The life of ALAC has assured its continuity

Benavides recalled that when ALAC was founded, it was agreed to have a fund that would allow it to endure in time. “Today we can announce that this fund generates enough revenues to ensure the continuity of ALAC. This will enable it to persist by leveraging funds from public and private institutions; becoming what its founders dreamed, the Agency for the development of Cajamarca, “he said excitedly.

Investment of more than US $90 million in various programs

For his part, the executive director of ALAC, Vargas, recalled the importance of personalities for the life of this Organization, among which he highlighted: Don Alberto Benavides de la Quintana, Pablo Sánchez, Emilio Cacho, Segunda Castrejón and Fernando Silva-Santisteban.

He also stressed that there are more than 90 million dollars invested in education, health and nutrition; Major works and projects such as the Regional Hospital, the solid waste treatment plant, the Iscoconga livestock Square and the new urban equipment , which will house more than 12 institutions, such as the construction of the center of attention to Citizen, Sports Center and multi-purpose coliseum.

Vigo underlined that there is no development without education so he listed a series of detailed programmes destined for that purpose. “There are 5.293 primary and secondary students who knew ways to reduce water consumption; And the Water and Earth Museum opened on July 23, 2018 and exceeds 10000 visits, “said.

At another point he noted that ALAC executed 100% of the money given by Yanacocha and stressed that thanks to these funds were able to “leverage other funds from the government and other institutions.”

Municipality gives continuity to ALAC projects

During the ceremony, the provincial mayor of Cajamarca, , highlighted the role that ALAC has fulfilled during his 15 years of life and said that his management gives continuity to the “projects linked to the local economic development that allows us to have producers More qualified, such as UNICA (in spanish) and the health program that allowed us an important contribution in the fight against child malnutrition, among others”, he noted.

The Cajamarca region was poorly administered for eight years

The lieutenant Governor of the region of Cajamarca, Angélica Bazán, congratulated ALAC for his successful work in agriculture, livestock and forestry. “They are good (programs) because they are sustainable in time,” she added.

Bazán took the opportunity to ask the director of ALAC, , to retake the program PREDECI, because, although anemia has been reduced, “there is still a 37% (pending).”

Finally, she urged the collectivity to work together. “We have to work along with the state, civil society and the companies because that is very necessary, we are the region classified as among the poorest, but unfortunately has been mismanaged for eight years, we need to work together and articulate actions with various Institutions, Violet is a very dynamic woman. That the 15 triple in favor of Cajamarca”, she said.