Dr. , Jr. Professor of – NMT (United States)



Dr. , Jr. Professor of – NMT (United States), gave scopes to ProActive about the trends of the copper mining industry for the new times: “Search for metalliferous deposits in depth, both in districts already known as in new areas”.

Chavez, professor in mineral deposits and mining economy, when asked about the future of the copper industry, considered that in general “there will be a deficit in production as well as in the discovery of metalliferous deposits in the near future”, because the demand for the copper will always grow, especially because of society’s search for welfare.

“There are production challenges, especially with new deposits and new technologies to recover copper in a better way. And also to recover copper from deposits that are already old and already have waste that was previously considered sterile, but now is considered as a mineral”, he said during his participation in XI International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers – 2019, representing to the ().

Finally, the professor reiterated that the challenges of mining are always to supply what society needs to live well. “That is why we have mining exploration and the challenges in discovering deposits that are covered, that are in depth and finally knowing how we are going to process them,” he said.


  • is an event organized by the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru, which takes place every two years in the city of Lima.
  • () is an international organization that brings together professionals in the field of economic geology.